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Handicap Accessible Unit

Portable Restroom

The handicap restroom is the perfect solution if you may require a larger unit. It is a family-friendly facility and provides wheelchair access for those with special needs.


Features Include:

  • All-new door design that features:

  • Indent on top of door allows for the addition of a Ryobi soft door closure 

  • New rotary latch makes it easier for the disabled to use, and easier to spot if the unit shows that it's locked, but has no occupant. 

  • Smaller gap on bottom than old door (more privacy, less debris blowing in unit more).

  • Hinges are now on the same side as all other units so door opening is easier to service, and to set up rows of units for customers. 

  • More molded-in ribs for extra strength 

  • Lighter door, minimizes the stress on the jamb, and reduces the chances for door sag. Also makes the whole unit lighter.

  • Barrier-free door sill - Extra-wide door fits all wheelchairs

  • Spacious interior for wheelchair maneuverability

  • Handrail supports for assisted mobility

  • Privacy latch

  • Occupancy indicator

  • Roll-in, ground level floor access

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