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 Cooley Sanitation LLC
Reinbeck Recycling Center, 405 Grundy Ave 
Reinbeck Recycling Center
       - 405 Grundy Ave, Reinbeck (located behind NAPA/Feed & Supply)
       - Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
       - Cardboard, paper, glass, tin cans, plastics & scrap metal is accepted, but           MUST BE sorted and placed in the designated containers.  
       - Recyclable plastics MUST bear the recyclable symbol 1-5.
       - Appliances are accepted with proper disposal sticker.  Call Cooley                       Pumping at 319-345-6080 to obtain your sticker.
       - Reinbeck curbside recycling pick up occurs the 2nd Tuesday of the                   month for those city garbage customers who are unable to take their                 recycling to the recycling center in Reinbeck.
     - Recyclables must be sorted according to cardboard, paper, glass, tin                 cans and plastics.        
     - Recyclable plastics MUST bear the recyclable symbol 1-5.
     - Appliance pick up and recycling is also available for a fee. Call our office   @ 319-345-6080 to arrange.
Curbside Recycling